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TESOL Certificate Introduction

        TESOL certificate is a certificate obtained after passing the TESOL course. TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Studying as a professional course in English pedagogy, the theme is to explore English teaching methods and TESOL courses. Pass the assessment test and assessment to obtain the internationally recognized TESOL International English Teacher Qualification Certificate. At present, there are many state-owned TESOL education and training institutions in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The certificates issued by each institution are unique in style and not affiliated with each other. TESOL Chinese translation is "Teaching English as a Foreign Language". In the university headquarters and research institutes in the United States, such as physics, economics, etc., TESOL is a major major. Its theme is to explore the methods and theories of English teaching and improve the quality of teachers in English teaching.


        The subjects of English teaching can be divided into two groups according to their mother tongue: those whose native language is English (such as Americans, British, Canadians) and those who are not native English (such as South Americans, Chinese, and French). TESOL's teaching object is the second group, because it is "external", TESOL teaching method takes into consideration the learner's mother tongue and cultural background. Using Chinese as a metaphor, teaching Chinese to a child who grew up in China and Chinese to a child who grew up in the United States, of course, the teaching methods will be different.

        TESOL course content has been recognized by more than 8,000 schools in more than 100 countries around the world, and has nearly 100 group members and more than 14,000 professionals worldwide. Fully recognized in more than 100 countries including North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

        The TESOL certificate issued by the United States TESOL UNI PREP organization, which is the national general generation between the two points, allows holders to engage in English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching globally. It has a high degree of recognition and can be used as an internationally recognized international English teacher qualification certificate and an authoritative international certificate of professional qualifications in the English teaching industry. The TESOL certificate issued by the major foreign professional TESOL organizations that have been certified is also an indispensable "job certificate" for foreigners to engage in English teaching in China. Certificates are used globally, and in addition to being used as a credential for continuing education credits, certificate holders are more qualified to engage in English teaching for non-native English speakers around the world.

        UNI-Prep Institute is a US-based training organization based in California. Founded in 2005, it offers online and classroom courses in TESOL teacher training, business and management. UNI-Prep is dedicated to creating and developing programs for working professionals through the teamwork of the company's executive team to help them successfully find teaching and business-related positions locally and internationally. The college has been accredited by the Vocational Education Accreditation Board to ensure internationally recognized standards and high-quality courses and programs such as TESOL, Business and Management Programs.

        UNI-Prep offers online TESOL certificates and TESOL diploma courses. In addition to TESOL teacher training, UNI-Prep also offers business and management courses. We have more than thousands of graduates and are currently teaching overseas in more than 100 countries. All our courses are accredited and are available online and in classrooms worldwide.

        UNI-Prep students and graduates enjoy the following benefits:

1) Get internationally recognized courses, universal!

2) Provide video and teacher tutoring support

3) Employment assistance and exclusive job search partners

4) No timetable, study at your own pace anywhere in the world

5) The course can be completed as soon as 2 weeks

Start your teaching career with us and start a lifetime experience!

        In addition, here are some other benefits of our course:

1) Online programs can be performed anywhere

2) Choose TESOL or TEFL certificate at the end of the course

3) There is no final exam, only quizzes and writing tests are conducted throughout the course

4) E-Cert is sent to students by email for free

5) The original physical certificate is mailed to the student for free

6) 99% course completion and pass rates

7) Free study time limit of up to 6 months

Certificate & Fee

01.01-06.30 2020 Limited Time Offer Season:

For more registration benefits and reward information, please consult the professional teacher below as soon as possible, and look forward to your joining!

Online, Accredited 120-Hour TESOL / TEFL Certificate

120-hour TESOL / TEFL International Junior Teacher Qualification Certificate, Online Learning

Explosive price-3600 yuan / person (original price 8500 yuan)

250-Hour Advanced TESOL / TEFL Diploma-Online & Accredited

250-hour TESOL / TEFL Advanced Internationally Certified Teacher Diploma, Online Learning

Explosive price-6500 yuan / person (original price 12500 yuan)

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