Company Characters

The first "industry chain platform in the education sector
To make international education more professional and precise, and to abandon the transparency and low trust brought by traditional intermediaries, suppliers of all aspect of international education are available, and they are peer-to-peer.
"Moody" rating of the first education sector
No longer superstitious rankings, the public trust platform
is mainly to establish mutual trust, data transparency and
quantification, double insurance, we rely on the power of global
education resources, which will bring considerable and sustained
benefits to the platform's multi-product direction.
"Big Data + AI" scientific operation
According to the customer image and organization matching under
big data and artificial intelligence, everything speaks with data and
facts, and the authenticity, reliability and credibility are improved,
making education more transparent, more professional and mre
100% Professional and Innovated Team
The company consists of different professional. 80% of the team
members are graduates from overseas famous schools. From an
International perspective and professionalism, high efficiency,
Professionalism, active thinking and broad vision characterize them.