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EduLinker International Education & Technology Co,Ltd. was integrated and incorporated in January 2018. It is China's first international education credit rating agency, a one-stop international education product and service solution platform provider based on mobile internet. Headquartered in Beijing, the international universities and years of experience in Europe and the United States, as well as senior experts with domestic operations experience and familiarity with local international education business. At present, overseas offices, business scope and channels have covered China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, HongKong, Macao and Taiwan, etc. Three countries and regions are still actively exploring the target country market in the future
Company Culture
Be a communicator of integrity education and be a changer who leads the industry

Be a pioneer in innovation and be a leader in standard setting
To be China's most authoritative international education integrity rating agency and one-stop international education service trading platform
Authority, Integrity, Innovation, Leading
Accumlated in the education industry for more than ten years
Family Customers
Overseas Business countries
Chinese Student Clients
Foreign nationals (including teacher positions)
Main Business & Successful Case

The online mobile internet platform-based app combines wi...

1. Computer clientProvide customers with a platform for e...

1. Foreign Teacher TransportationHas successfully Helped ...

Team Profile
Hardy Wang
Co-Founder & CEO
Olivia Bai
Co-Founder & CDO
Lesley Zhao
Co-Founder & CIO
Vic Liu
Initial Partner & Chief Designer
Lucifer Zhai
Initial Partner & CAO
Amy Peng
Initial Partner & HRD
Company Characters
1. The First "industry chain platform" in the education sector
To make international education more professional and precise, and tp abandon
the transparency and low trust brought by traditional intermediaries, suppliers
of all aspects of international education are available, and they are peer-to-peer.
2. The "Moody" rating of the first education sector
No longer superstitious rankings, the public trust platform is mainly to establish  mutual trust, data transparency and quantification, double insurance, we rely on
the power of global education resources, which will bring considerable and
sustained benefits to the platform's multi-product direction.

3. 100% Professional and Innovated Team
The company consists of different professionals. 80% of the team members are
graduates from overseas famous school. From an international perspective and
Professionalism, high efficiency, professionalism, active thinking and broad vision
characterize them.
4. "Big Data + AI" scientific operation
According to the customer image and organization matching under big data and
artificial intelligence, everything speaks with data and facts, and the authenticity,
reliability and credibility are improved, making education more transparent, more
professional and more personalized.
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